Current position (Spring 2022)

There is always a great deal of interest in joining Pitchcraft.  


At the moment we are particularly keen to audition basses and tenors.  If you're musically capable and can dedicate time to practising between rehearsals, we'd be pleased to hear from you.  Please give details of your experience on the form here and we'll be in touch.*


For all other voices: We aren't looking for more singers in these sections right now.  We keep this page updated regularly so do check back in the future. 


*We tend to welcome new members monthly.  Mailboxes are manned by volunteers so we may not be able to get back to you straight away, but we'll do so as soon as possible.  

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Membership Requirements

Pitchcraft has no restrictions on race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. Membership depends on your singing abilities and your willingness to practise. 

The song learning is fast paced and the commitment level amongst members is high. There are four essential criteria for membership:

  1. the ability to sing loudly, softly and in tune, without warbles, scoops or uncontrolled vibrato,

  2. a willingness to be physically expressive in your performance of songs,

  3. a willingness to practise between rehearsals and

  4. a willingness to take part in occasional sectional rehearsals outside the weekly rehearsals.

Pitchcraft choir

Is this the right choir for you?

With so many choirs to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

Pitchcraft uses musical scores to learn the songs. The members' area of this website has audio recordings and videos that help everyone learn their parts. 

Pitchcraft choir

Member Quotes:

"I had no idea it would be this pace. Brilliant. What a dedicated team!"


Absolutely fantastic. Great people and well thought out. Truly a professional experience."


"You can hear a song sounding amazing very quickly."

"It's so good to have to work at it, and at a decent pace."


"They're a great bunch. Everyone is so welcoming. A lot of really good singers. I'm seriously going to have to do my homework!"

Pitchcraft choir


Everyone joining Pitchcraft has to take an audition. This makes sure that everyone can sing well and is going to contribute properly. You'll be asked to sing back notes played or sung to you to check your pitch and range, and to sing a song of your own choice to demonstrate that you can sing with a good, clear tone, on pitch and without any uncontrolled warble or scooping. You can audition before or after your free taster session - it's up to you.

At the audition you will also be asked if you are willing to practise between rehearsals. We've learned that this is an important aspect of Pitchcraft membership. 


Pitchcraft rehearses on Tuesday evenings between 7.00 until 9.00pm in a fantastic venue in the centre of Edinburgh. Rehearsals are fun and lively, but also challenging and focused. To ensure that the team is greater than the sum of its parts, members must practise between rehearsals, either on their own or in self-organised groups, to ensure that the progress of the choir from week to week is 'three steps forward and onwards' rather than 'three steps forward and two steps back'. The Members' Area of this site has scores, music files and videos designed to help everyone learn and gain confidence. 

Pitchcraft choir

Membership Fees

Membership of Pitchcraft is currently £27 per month. Some concessions are available. For that, you'll be a member of a great choir that works well, plays well, sings unique arrangements of amazing songs and raises lots of money for charity whilst having a great deal of fun. You'll probably already know that singing contributes significantly to your health and wellbeing, and you'll also have your own good reasons for wanting to sing in such a choir.

What are the songs?

The repertoire is varied in both style and mood to keep it all fun and interesting and to make sure we're versatile.